(2024)Milan Fashion Week Showcased NFT-Linked Designer Shoe






























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hoofster, the first crowd-sourced designer shoe, officially made its appearance on this year’s runway during AVAVAV Spring/Summer 2024 Milan Fashion Show, closing out Milan Fashion Week. According to the statement release, the shoe is the first crowd-sourced designer shoe with a Web3-enabled utility to step onto fashion’s global stage





In a bold departure from traditional designer shoes, the ‘Hoofster’ is the offspring of indie fashion label AVAVAV and Web3 design studio OnlyEver, represents a new blueprint for the possibilities of co-creation between creative directors and the community






OnlyEver is the newest luxury design arm and production company of RubensLuciano, a renowned Italian creative studio that has prioritized cutting-edge design for over 35 years. Its track record in the footwear design industry has attracted long-time clients such as Versace, Birkenstock, Ivy Park, and Calvin Klein










The studio combines contemporary design concepts with classic luxury design. This approach enables the efficient transformation of initial sketches into tangible prototypes through skilled manufacturing






AVAVAV, led by creative director Beate Karlsson, has also been quick to make a name for itself since its 2020 inception, aligning itself with fashion icons and A-list talent from around the world, including, but not limited to Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, Bjork, Playboi Carti, and more







The duo championed community involvement, hosting public votes determining each facet of the shoe’s design




“We strongly believe that the next frontier of fashion lies in the community itself, and embracing co-creation stands as a prime method in forging this path,” said OnlyEver founder Rocco Bressanin





















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