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K-Way staged its latest runway collection on Sunday, a techy sporty collection presented inside its HQ in BasicVillage. We caught up with its driving CEO Lorenzo Boglione to learn how his group have made the brand such a roaring success





A decade ago, no teenager would be seen dead in K-Way, a French label whose glory days were back in their grandparents' era of the 60s. Now, K-Way’s signature triple-color zip is almost ubiquitous in Milan and Paris, in one of the most striking brand revivals in recent history




And Sunday’s show offered some explanations. Focusing on geometry and shape and made in strong primary colors, the collection underlined key drivers of K-Way resurgence




There were multiple expressions of K-Way’s Le Vrai 3.0 jackets, fluid in long skirts or fluttering in long trains. Along with some great scuba gear looks – seen in sporty pants, tops and asymmetrical skirts. Shown together with sustainable fur
Lots of matelassé puffers in iridescent hues and some great padded jackets and bustiers, that looked practical yet sexy




In a show driven on by techno dance music in a show space filled with a series of inflated statues and coats by artist Anna Franceschini. All staged inside BasicVillage, a former rubber factory that now boasts its own restaurant and craft beer brewery. Founded by Lorenzo’s father Marco, BasicNet also controls sports specialist Kappa, sneaker label Superga, docksider brand Sebago, winter sports label Briko, and Jesus Jeans





So, over a cappuccino, we sat down with Boglione to hear about all things K-Way


Fashion Network: What did you want to say in today’s show
Lorenzo Boglione: Every event has its identity points. Last year, we wanted underline the brand’s history – so our story began in a café in Paris. This year, we want to underline color and technology. Color, as we were born in color, with our blue, orange and yellow zip



And to emphasize technology. We love and invest in that, to make sure we stay contemporary. So, we made a white box for a very colorful collection. We found the extremely talent artist Anna Franceschini who plays with air and wind blowing into fabrics. Dancing to the rhythm of music. Ideal for our brand. Our classic jacket is called windbreaker for a reason. That’s the DNA of K-Way



FN: Why have you decided to show in your new HQ
LB: One of the reasons we got this place was to be able to show. And to strengthen the identity of the brand by linking it to a place people get to know is very useful. We are not a typical runway brand. 
FN: How important has the move to BasicVillage
LB: Vital. It’s a 4,000-square-meter complex that we bought and renovated and includes around 800 meters of showroom space for big event space. We rent out a few spaces to friendly companies and then have nine apartments on the top floor. Used for customers and our people coming from abroad or other departments in Torino. We wanted to create a village – to welcome a lot of customers from many worlds













FN: What are your plans for the K-Way link-up with Orient Express for America’s Cup
LB: We are the windbreaker – wind is our natural habitat. So, there is not a better showcase than the America’s Cup. It is the most fascinating and historic event. The ultimate level of performance. Going back over 170 years and yet using the most advanced technology by the world’s richest people. We are outfitting the crew of the Orient Express yacht. It has also just launched Silenas, the ultimate sailing yacht - hyper luxury with only 50 cabins




In general, athletes are the new fashion royalty, they are mostly really great influencers today. They have a talent that generates a lot of attention. Prada has been investing hundreds of millions in the America’s Cup. Louis Vuitton sponsors it. It attracts everyone. It’s huge, and now we will be 
a sponsor and important partner in a yacht there this year when it happens off Barcelona




FN: What other projects do you have in your pipeline
LB: We are working with an amazing guy Titouan Bernicot, a 25-year-old kid from Tahiti – who is reconstructing the coral barrier in Pacific islands. We fell in love with this project. And it’s a job that needs people to be in and out of water in little dinghies and they need protection. So, we support him making a line of products for them to do their job – planting corals




FN: In luxury, French groups are famous for buying and developing Italian labels. How have you been able to turn the tables
LB: Oh, we play in a different league to LVMH. When we bought K-Way, it was already under an Italian company and the brand was bankrupt. This was not a big fight between conglomerates.




FN: Where will future growth come for K-Way
LB: Everywhere hopefully – we are still scratching the surface. We are mature in France and Italy, but growing very strongly all over Europe, and despite Brexit we are opening a London store in next couple of months, near the Kings Road




FN: What’s your financial outlook for future
LB: The group had a similar 2023 to 2002, around €400 in revenues. Though K-Way grew by double figures
















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