use and combination of material with use of colored skin model in 2023 season (2023)




bonyadi magazine 


Changing the direction of big brands and fashion agencies in many private and public fashion weeks towards the use and hiring of colored models and models from African countries. The beauty and attractiveness of the skin color of these models has attracted the attention of fashion fans and brands in recent fashion weeks




This issue has been very attractive in the fashion weeks that have been held in the past few weeks and in the photo shoots for which brands have used these models




In the 2023 season, the variety of ideas and topics that brands have in mind for the topics and stories of their collections has created a very attractive connection with the use of colored models




In the meantime, these models have displayed many of their creativity with a variety of ideas for various photoshoots




These photoshoots, prepared with the idea of denim and the combination of denim and lace dresses, have caused much excitement and attraction to use this style among fashion fans





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