Three sustainable online marketplaces you need to know about(2024)













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Three sustainable online marketplaces you need to know about

In a world that is becoming more aware of the importance of sustainable production, consumers are looking for easy shopping places that still maintain their growing values ​​for the environment




Independent online marketplaces offer a bridge between the growing digital landscape and the demand for sustainable manufactured goods, while simultaneously providing a space for brands looking to tell their story. Each site has its own personal goal, while constantly looking for new opportunities that contribute to the field of sustainable fashion







FashionUnited spoke to the CEOs of the three markets that define this e-commerce account and introduced us to their selection processes, values ​​and future visions of a sustainable world






Cured Crowd: Community Builders
On a mission to provide a more direct designer-to-consumer service to the industry, Ada Yi Zhao, CEO of Cured Crowd, turned her love for shopping undiscovered fashion brands around the world into a digital platform. Starting as a crowdfunding site for emerging designers, it quickly evolved into a UK-based online marketplace for designers that didn't quite fit the traditional ultra-luxury or fast-fashion mold







Cured Crowd was developed as a response to the growing demand for mid-level fashion, looking in the supply chain for individual designers who often struggle to find their own way to reach international consumers directly. Through their ever-evolving community, emerging labels from around the world are able to tell their stories while simultaneously marketing their products






Through extensive internal calls and visits to the atelier, created from an open application system, Zhao establishes a one-on-one relationship with the designers and gets to know the story behind their label and the future goals they have in mind. . Only a small set will enter the market, every item that is available is either limited edition or made to order as a way to avoid possible mass production







"The business side of sustainability is much more important than the material and how the product moves—from its conception to how it ends up in the consumer's home," explains Zhao. "For me, I always look at each designer and how they run their business. Is it sustainable as a business? Is it a sustainable way of life for designers? I'm totally against the so-called fashion cycle and I think every piece What we have on our platform should be something that the consumer should keep for years






Taking care of the designer's relationship also leads to his personal relationship with the clients. According to Zhao, who regularly communicates with them through WhatsApp and other social media channels, 60 percent of orders are from return buyers










"For us, it's really about monitoring that community," he says. "We're not for everyone. We're educated with a purpose. People come to us because they want to learn about branding and understand what consistency is and how to maintain a wardrobe for seasons to come. We target the informed consumer






A pop-up shop in London is associated with the online market, helping to personalize the design while collecting valuable feedback from visitors to the products. Future plans could see Cured Crowd continue to develop this omnichannel business model and implement this physical experience into the digital realm




The new base of Ada Zhao, which recently moved to Amsterdam, also brings a series of new possibilities, such as an additional additional pop-up store or the opportunity to help European brands with their activities in the UK market






"As a member of the British Fashion Council, I see a lot of talent in London, but because of Brexit it's really hard for them to have a voice here in continental Europe and vice versa. We want to be a bridge between the two," Zhao explained. gave

"In terms of online, we're also looking to launch our American site to serve a larger audience," he continued. slow


Seezona: Center for Emerging Design

Since launching two years ago, Scandinavian luxury marketplace Seezona has created a diverse platform that offers everything from fashion and accessories to beachwear and activewear, especially from emerging designers. This multi-brand store serves internationally from more than 25 countries and guarantees a unique selection of brands that you may not find on other sites





"Through our technical platform, we facilitate the interaction between small businesses and customers and take care of the entire value chain involved in these processes," explained Anna Hollander, founder and CEO of Seezona




His love for the industry began in concept stores in the south of France, where discovering new designers made him stand out from the crowd. After entering the sector, Hollander noticed distinct barriers that made it very difficult for new brands to reach customers






"I realized how dependent it is on the wholesale industry," he says. "As a result, many high-potential designers never get promoted, simply because they don't have the right relationships with buyers or the capacity to produce a certain amount of products. I wanted to solve that problem, and in the midst of our digital age, I realized That technology is the best solution to do exactly that








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