Role of Media in Boosting the Fashion Industry in India (2023)



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Whatis fashion to you? If you ask this question in a crowd, you are bound to getnumerous answers. But there will be one common aspect in all the answers - looking good! Looking good meant differently in different times and indifferent cultures. This is the reason, fashion in different era and differentregions differed from each other



Fashionindustry in India has developed immensely in the last decade. Today, it isestimated to be of many billion dollars. India has attained acclamation in theinternational fashion arena. Just like the traditional big names - Italy, France, and UK, India has been recognized as the emerging fashion hot-spot



LeviStrauss, Pepe Jeans London, Lee and other international brands entered India a long time back. But major international luxury brands like Gucci, Chanel, TommyHilfiger, and others saw huge potential in Indian markets merely a decade back.They found Indian markets attractive and invested profoundly in it




ShaileshChaturvedi, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger India says, "We are seeing that with newfound prosperity, Indian consumers are rapidly upgrading their consumptionpattern. Tommy Hilfiger has benefited with this upgradation where consumersused to buying Indian apparel brands have rapidly upgraded to TommyHilfiger." (Source:

Mediais the main reason of such increasing acceptance for fashion and brands amongthe masses. New trends are constantly being introduced by the stars of silverscreen and small screen. Fans tend to imitate their role models in every way.Copying their fashion and style statement is no exception





Bell bottoms attained immense popularity in theseventies and early eighties. Bollywood stars of those times like AmitabhBachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, and even the female stars like NituSingh and Zeenat Aman preferred to wear bell bottomed trousers and jeans astheir attire





Inthe late nineties and early twenties, ethnic wear was considered out dated andold fashioned. But soap operas wiped out this mentality from Indian minds asthe drama queens were clad in traditional wear majority of the times. Fashionableethnic garments became the buzz word in cities and towns of India, thereafter




Actorsand actresses are adored and looked upon by millions in India. They hold a special place in the hearts of Indian fans. Fans can spend any amount ofmoney to dress and feel like their favorite stars





This is the reason fashion houses and companies hire celebrities and noted actors and actresses to promote their product




Many fashion shows took place in India in the last decade. The number of fashion shows is increasing day by day. Indian designers like Ritu Beri and Tarun Tahiliani got international acclamation. Generally, high profile fashion designers have film stars as 'show stoppers' in their fashion shows




Fashion magazines like Femina have played a considerable role in making the masses familiar with different brands and fashion trends. Fashion portals and TV channels present the daily news and happenings of the fashion world before the people. They adopt it after viewing it and analyzing it



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