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Six old fashion trends in style right now (and one that isn't)

Budget Fashionista has been covering fashion trends since the early 2000s. In that time, we've compiled a huge library of today's styles, including this ever-popular post that looks at the fashion trends of 2012. The funny thing is, most of these "old fashion trends" don't look old at all. Many are back in style today, post-pandemic summer 2021




The similarities are so striking that I turned this 2012 post into a fun look at comparing 2012 fashion to today's hottest looks. But be warned, this comparison might change the way you clean out your closet. You may have trouble following this age-old advice to throw away or donate clothes you haven't worn in a year. After all, last year's pieces can have a second life in the next few years



Vintage 2012 fashion trends vs 2021 styles
If you've ever had the feeling that fashion recycles the same trends, you're not wrong. In 2012, Budget Fashionista had this to say about the season's trends




This spring and summer fashion trend is all about extremes. Think super bold colors like bright orange and soft pastels like baby blue, feminine sheath dresses, and straight tracksuits.

Look familiar? Except for the sheath dress, this is an accurate description of the trends for 2021. Tangerines and baby blues are everywhere, and edgy sportswear is the usual standard of the day



I like to think recycled trends get more refined with each iteration, but you can be the judge of that. Take a look at these seven trends from 2012 and how they compare to the hot girl summer of 2021




Today, athleisure styles are still the comfortable shapes we love—joggers, cargo pants, leggings, bombers, and more. But now they've evolved to find a middle ground between loose cotton and body-hugging spandex. Today's sportswear is also experimenting with more sophisticated fabrics, including sheer and synthetic leather. The upgraded construction opens the door to dressing up those sporty pieces with jewelry and even heels









How to wear, where to get sports styles
To dip your toe into the edgy athleisure trend, start with a pair of faux leather or shiny joggers. If you're worried about hot summer days, try crop length. If you're feeling bold, you can pair your joggers with sneakers, sandals, or even heels. Add a tank or a neat t-shirt



You can find a good selection of joggers at ASOS or Revolve. Spinning can be expensive though, so check the sales section first. The pair shown above is from ASOS and retails for $36






 Shears and Mesh
In 2012, designers layered sheer and mesh on everything from mini dresses to bikinis. In 2021, the transparent trend has matured, become more elegant and ladylike. You won't see heavy mesh hoops in 2021, but a sheer matte top over a bra or covering a cutout is perfect for summer




How to wear, where to get transparent styles
Even simple fashionistas can participate in the peekaboo game. Look for a dress with a sheer panel that doesn't draw attention to your underwear. Or, go big with a sheer top layered over a bralette. It's a sexy look that's more forgiving than a low cut or bandeau top. Sheers have a great way of bringing out the details of a not-so-great body.



Ivory dress shown by Weekend Stories and available at Revolve. At the time of writing, it has been discounted from $278 to $70. You can get the patterned mesh screen from Nordstrom for $35







After several years of strong colors, pastels came to the forefront of fashion in 2012. Greens and burnt oranges gave way to soft blues, syrupy oranges and lemon yellows. In 2021, pastels are once again everywhere. What's good this time is that you can experiment with softer pastel colors. Read this to mean: more wearable, less easter eggs



How to wear, where to get pastels
You can find pastel pieces practically anywhere, from Amazon to Target to Off Fifth. The trick is to find shades that work with your skin tone. Baby blouses are a good starting point because they are quite versatile. If you want to follow the yellow and orange colors, you may need to order online and make a lot of returns. Or take a day to go shopping



Also, you don't have to go for head-to-toe pastels. You can start with one piece - a top or even an accessory like a bag or scarf is an easy entry point into the trend.

Shown here are the Mineral Cotton Pants from Mango, currently on sale for $39.99




 Shades of orange
In 2012, we said: Designers really, really like you to wear orange, so much so that the color has dominated the runways for three seasons in a row. While it is a designer favorite, it is difficult for most women to wear. So we suggest you use the extraordinary power of accessories to add orange color to your wardrobe




How to wear, where to get orange fashion
Not much has changed, there is. Orange is everywhere and still hard to wear. As with pastels, try experimenting with different shades of orange. If you can't afford your favorite color, use orange nail polish or accessories



Taylor's mock neck dress shown at Macy's is available for $42.49, discounted during the retailer's Fourth of July sale




 Bold prints
If you have a pair of palazzo pants in your closet, you might have bought them in 2012 — and 2021 is the year to wear them again. You can also wear a printed suit or mixed patterns. Honestly, this summer everything comes with print





How to wear, where to print
For affordable prints, try H&M, Marks and Spencer, and Nordstrom Rack. Of course, you can wear a patterned top, but printed pants will make you look bigger. Personally, I don't like the look of mixed prints on me (although I'm amazed when I see other women get it right). I play into this trend by pairing a printed bottom with a solid neutral top.

I have my eye on these Marks & Spender cotton pants for $39. They're stylish, sophisticated and made from sustainably sourced cotton.

6. Floating layers
In 2012, we called it ethereal fashion - clothes made of soft, floaty, pale layers. Today, silk may be less of a player, but a glamorous dress that falls beautifully on the floor is right in the mix.

How to wear, where to get floating layers
Try Amazon for affordable dresses that have that angelic quality. This one retails for $42. If you do not wear white, it is also available in seven other colors.
You may not have many opportunities to wear a floor-length gown. I know I don't have it. In that case, swap the gown for a sheer, layered tunic or a shorter dress that you can pair with sandals




 Clothing - the sheath is out, the slip is in
The only 2012 trend on our list that isn't a player in 2021 is the sheath dress. Considering that the fashion girl is going for sexy and stylish clothes this year, these work clothes are gone.

How to dress, where to get slap clothes
Slip dresses are not hard to find, especially online. What can be challenging is finding a dress that fits properly. Satin or shiny fabrics that don't fit well tend to stick or gather in the wrong places. Don't be discouraged by it. Try different fabrics and clothes until you find a combination that makes you feel like a super model. Shown here is the UO Rhea Midi Slip Dress for $69 from Urban Outfitters




During the day, pair your slip dress with a loose ponytail, sneakers, and simple earrings. At night, go for high heels and if you want, add a bracelet and a nice lip color. A well-fitting dress will be the star of your outfit, so you don't need anything else to complete the look




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