Paris Fashion Week and the events of this fashion week and Vivienne Westwood brand 2024









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Most fashion fans and fashion residents and people who are working in different fields in the fashion industry are most curious about what happened this week. All bloggers, influencers, and fashion critics are most sensitive about what events to expect at Paris Fashion Week. Look at the news and information coming out from the National Fashion Council of New York and Haute Couture Paris. and are their followers





In Paris Fashion Week, most of the top brands in the fashion industry and who have permission to enter these fashion weeks, which is issued under very special conditions, are present in this fashion week




John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Zuhair Murad, Elia Saab and many other famous brands, and of course many brands that can receive this permission to appear in fashion weeks are in this category. Bandi are entered





In this path, sustainable fashion and innovations that are accompanied by modern technologies and brands incorporate them into their designs attract the most attention, and artificial intelligence and the world of metaverse and avatars of this world in Paris fashion weeks. They appear on stage in their own section








In this week and the Paris Fashion Week in the season of 2024, the variety of models and designs has focused more on this last part, and modern technologies for wearable technologies and interactive clothes and clothes that are accompanied by artificial intelligence are in this section of attention. have attracted more

There are many ways to learn more about fashion weeks and Paris Fashion Week, one of the most important of which is following social networks and special websites for these weeks





Catwalks and their holding are the most important for the National Fashion Council to categorize the programs, topics and themes of the collections and the type, day and hours of the catwalks and announce them to everyone






Fashion fans and those interested in the fashion industry should note that they can access the most up-to-date catwalks by following the websites and fashion magazines and their websites and getting first-class information from reliable sources




Among these brands in the season of 2024, the Vivienne Westwood brand is one of the most reliable and attractive brands that is based on the punk protest style, and its late designer has reached the highest level of this style, and the fans of this style and Conceptual art and avant-garde are always looking for information and news about this attractive brand. In the season of 2024, this brand is much more creative and attractive with the use of various materials on the catwalk stage and has received the most attention from critics and It has attracted fashion influencers and bloggers










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